A raid long ago

My first raid ever was also my first raid with the Wreck List. We started in Naxx on July 24, 2009 and finished up in the wee hours on July 27. We one-shotted Kel’Thuzad and earned Fall of Naxx achievement for the guild.

The raid leader was a Death Knight named Otoño, who was also the main tank. Otoño ran a tight ship raid wise, as some of us remember. Medivhok, who has just recently started playing WoW again, was the second tank. I think the healers were Aislan and Tanah, but I could be wrong, since at the time I was completely clueless about healing. I remember this amazing hunter there called Pinutos and a sweet rogue named Santiaga. Karpathian was there, and I’m pretty sure that Kaels was, too. Antipholus and Taymatt were still leveling. I think that this was the first time for most of group to see the all of Naxx.

I was terrified, but I was going to raid. I had paid to transfer my main character to Garrosh because my new guild needed level 80s in order to fill out our sole raid. As it was, we still had to bring along a pug or two. The guild was much smaller then.

Anyway, there I was with a bunch of nice people getting ready to raid, eating fish. I had met a couple of them but didn’t really know anyone, and I was so nervous about messing up.

Then as we got started, Aislan whispered me. And she kept whispering me throughout the raid. I never would have made it without her. She told me about not releasing during a boss fight, where to stand, when to get out of stuff on the floor and a hundred other thing. I was so clueless, I didn’t know about not standing in the fire (or whatever). Because of Aislan (who is also Chanta) I survived and finally began raiding.

I will never ever forget that first raid, and I will always be grateful to Aislan for holding my hand. She is the spirit of raiding for the Wreck List. In this game, raiding is the the activity that seems to separate people the most. People who don’t raid are intimidated by it and by top raiders. I remember standing outside Orgrimmar waiting for the zep and seeing level 60 decked out in full Tier 2 gear and thinking that would never be me.

I am so profoundly grateful to all those who have stepped forward to organize and lead our raids. These are true Heroes of the Guild. Snuffy was really nervous about becoming a raid leader. He spent hours that first week studying fights so he’d be ready. Atleast, who had led raids forever on Elune, was very tentative about stepping forward to lead raids for us because he was new the guild. Antipholus led his very first raid only a couple months ago. And he was so anxious but really wanted to try. It took me months to convince Prettydead, who is one of the most awesome raid leaders ever, that she was ready to lead raids. All of our raid leaders really understand what it’s like to be a new raider. None of them look down on those who are new to raiding and are here to help anyone figure out what they need to start raiding and which of our many raids are appropriate for them.

In keeping with Aislan’s example, I ask all Wreckies to work together to keep raids from segregating us. If you feel like the top raiders are unapproachable, whisper one of them to say hi. Don’t be shy. You’ll be surprised at how very helpful they all are. A lot of them are lonely. And if you are a Kingslayer, look around for someone who isn’t and adopt them as your special project.

And thank you Aislan, our Gentle Elder of the Raids.