Thanks for coming this evening.

First: Please accept calendar invites sooner rather than leaving it to the last minute. If you are 80% sure you can make it, then accept. If you need to change later then do it, but let the raid leader know so he or she can make changes.

If you would like to go but are going to be late, then talk to the raid leader and then try to find someone to fill in for you until you can get there. I know that a 9 p.m. start time is really early for west coasters. But we also have lots of people with alts who are still gearing up. Get to know your guildies. We are all in this together. And if someone asks you to fill in for them if they are going to be late, please respect that agreement and swap with them when they do get there.

So right now, check your calendar. Do you have any outstanding calendar invites? Please accept them now if you can make it. If you can be there but will be late, then sign up as tentative until you find someone to sub for you, then change to accept and send the raid leader a note with this information. However, for the ICC25 man, just accept, decline, or mark tentative. If you can’t be there for the start, then mark tentative, and we will swap you in if there’s room later. (If you are Snuffy or Bob, then just accept and let Mama know and I’ll handle it. I’ll get you as soon as you arrive.)

Second: We are do three types of raiding in this guild, and they are different. The goals and rules of one type do not transfer to the other types. There is weekly/heritage/learning raids. There is farming/gearing raiding. And then there is progression raiding.

Type one is open to everyone.

Farming/gearing raiding is where newer people are included on a regular basis to get gear, learn fight, and get comfortable with new raids and raiding in general. This is a combination of well geared and experienced people along with some newer people. Glori’s Sunday night raid began as this kind of raid.

Progression raiding a relatively fixed group of people at a similar gear level, experience level, who commit to regularly attending the same raid week after week to make progress on content. The R raid is a strictly progression raid. Doing progression means watching videos and reading strats.

Talking to our PG-13 raid leaders, it appears that they both feel that their raids are ready to transition to progression raids. The ICC25 raid has finally downed Festergut and will be transitioning to a progression raid. This does not mean, however, that those who are not in these current groups will be left behind. Far from it, but we are all going to have to work together to make it work for everyone.

So, We are going to go with two ICC10 progression groups which Glori and Avante will organize, and Bob will help lead. After this week, both groups will start scheduling two nights. Priority for who goes which nights will be left up to Glori, Avante, and Bob. If you are interested in being on a PG-13 ICC progression team and are not currently in a regular group, talk to Glori or Avante. Also check with Bob. Glori’s group will be running later for those on the west coast or who work late. Avante’s group will run earlier for those on east coast. If you are currently on the ICC25 progression team, then you should be in one of these groups, too.

Third: If you are fresh to level 80, start running random heroics and sign up for Naxx on Thursday. If you have done Naxx a couple times or if you are not in an ICC10 progression group and would like to be soon, then sign up for the Monday night raid with Mainartin to do ToC/VoA/Ulduar. ToC and VoA are both one night raids with lots and lots of good gear. We will also try to get a weekend one night intermediate raid going. Also sign up for ICC10 rep runs. Depending on how attendance goes with these, we will look at restarting more ICC10s which will be farming/gearing raids in a few weeks. But this is going to depend on the attendance of these raids. We have some really awesome and committed folks that work really hard. We can all do this. Now for these raids, they are going to be the most profitable if they are run as 25s. And that means lots of people need to sign up. Right now I see 6 people on the list for tomorrow night. That’s not going to do it. We have 157 Level 80 characters in the guild and more coming every day. We can do this.

Fourth: ICC25 will be moving to two night soon. If you have been running this regularly and there is a night that you cannot make please let Mama, Atleast, and Snuffy know asap. This raid is a priority for the guild so if there is another regular raid scheduled for a night that works for the majority of the guild, then we may have to switch the other raid around. But I will do my best to make everything work for everyone.

Fifth: Please have Ventrilo working for raids. Learn how to set your volume and push to talk.

Sixth: Keep running daily randoms on your main raiding character. Talk to your class leader about gear. If you don’t know your class leader, ask Kaels, Atleast, Froster, or Mama, and we will point you in the right direction.

Seventh: Future of the R raid. The R raid is a progression raid. They are working on the Lich King. They are learning the longest, nastiest, most complicated fight the evil folks at Blizzard ever came up with. It’s like Mimiron meets Festergut. They do the safety dance and then have kids that are tens time worse than Freya. From what I understand they have pretty well mastered the mechanics of the first phase and are doing well on the second.It’s just a damn hard fight. But once they down Arthas, then heroic modes become available to the whole guild. This will help everyone. I didn’t really understand this until now. So we will see how it goes tomorrow night and adjust accordingly.

Now if you have a raid waiting, go ahead. If not and you have questions, then I will be here for a bit.