These are two great gold making tricks. One probably only works if you don’t care about having every recipe and are a Leatherworker. The other one anyone can do.

There is a horde only quest reward for a very low level leatherworking quest in Thunder Bluff. I always take skinning and leatherworking for every Tauren I start just to get this quest. Then I usually drop leatherworking for herbalism or something else. The quest reward is the pattern for the Kodo Hide Bag. And the alliance will pay big gold for it. Stick the recipe in your bank and then next time your toon is in Booty Bag, put it up on the Neutral Auction house for 150 gold. It might take a time or two, but it will sell. I’ve actually sold this recipe for 10 times as much, so price accordingly.

The next tip takes virtually no work at all. There is a quest in Silverpine Forest which rewards the recipe for the Discolored Healing Potion. Anyone can do the quest, so the recipe turns up on the Auction House fairly frequently. And for mere silvers. Buy it for 5-15 silver and sell it on the Neutral Auction house for 15-25 gold. This one isn’t as rare. The most I’ve sold it for is 150 gold, but 25 gold is more common.