Our guild vault is all ready for the Hallow’s End holiday. I clicked through all the tabs to fine the most seasonal. It’s a combination of various pumpkins and skulls, with a little candy thrown in for fun.

Our guild Sustainability Harvest Festival Weekend was a huge success. To prepare I cleaned out all of the old recipes that had been sitting in there for months, along with any food that wasn’t Northrend quality. That gave us more than half a tab empty, plus the spaces in the other tabs. I like to keep each tab with at least the equivalent of one column empty, so I thought we had plenty of room. LOL. By the end of the weekend there wasn’t an empty space anywhere. Guildies were stuff stacks of cloth in with the herbs and stacks of herbs in with the gems. I finally got it all sorted away yesterday.

The old recipes ended up selling quite well on the Auction House. So well, in fact, that I have decided to leave our guild repairs on all the time. If funds start to get low, I can always declare another Harvest Weekend.

In the meantime, craft away you crafters. We always need runic healing potions, bags, belt buckles, and ammo.