A raid long ago

My first raid ever was also my first raid with the Wreck List. We started in Naxx on July 24, 2009 and finished up in the wee hours on July 27. We one-shotted Kel’Thuzad and earned Fall of Naxx achievement for the guild.

The raid leader was a Death Knight named Otoño, who was also the main tank. Otoño ran a tight ship raid wise, as some of us remember. Medivhok, who has just recently started playing WoW again, was the second tank. I think the healers were Aislan and Tanah, but I could be wrong, since at the time I was completely clueless about healing. I remember this amazing hunter there called Pinutos and a sweet rogue named Santiaga. Karpathian was there, and I’m pretty sure that Kaels was, too. Antipholus and Taymatt were still leveling. I think that this was the first time for most of group to see the all of Naxx.

I was terrified, but I was going to raid. I had paid to transfer my main character to Garrosh because my new guild needed level 80s in order to fill out our sole raid. As it was, we still had to bring along a pug or two. The guild was much smaller then.

Anyway, there I was with a bunch of nice people getting ready to raid, eating fish. I had met a couple of them but didn’t really know anyone, and I was so nervous about messing up.

Then as we got started, Aislan whispered me. And she kept whispering me throughout the raid. I never would have made it without her. She told me about not releasing during a boss fight, where to stand, when to get out of stuff on the floor and a hundred other thing. I was so clueless, I didn’t know about not standing in the fire (or whatever). Because of Aislan (who is also Chanta) I survived and finally began raiding.

I will never ever forget that first raid, and I will always be grateful to Aislan for holding my hand. She is the spirit of raiding for the Wreck List. In this game, raiding is the the activity that seems to separate people the most. People who don’t raid are intimidated by it and by top raiders. I remember standing outside Orgrimmar waiting for the zep and seeing level 60 decked out in full Tier 2 gear and thinking that would never be me.

I am so profoundly grateful to all those who have stepped forward to organize and lead our raids. These are true Heroes of the Guild. Snuffy was really nervous about becoming a raid leader. He spent hours that first week studying fights so he’d be ready. Atleast, who had led raids forever on Elune, was very tentative about stepping forward to lead raids for us because he was new the guild. Antipholus led his very first raid only a couple months ago. And he was so anxious but really wanted to try. It took me months to convince Prettydead, who is one of the most awesome raid leaders ever, that she was ready to lead raids. All of our raid leaders really understand what it’s like to be a new raider. None of them look down on those who are new to raiding and are here to help anyone figure out what they need to start raiding and which of our many raids are appropriate for them.

In keeping with Aislan’s example, I ask all Wreckies to work together to keep raids from segregating us. If you feel like the top raiders are unapproachable, whisper one of them to say hi. Don’t be shy. You’ll be surprised at how very helpful they all are. A lot of them are lonely. And if you are a Kingslayer, look around for someone who isn’t and adopt them as your special project.

And thank you Aislan, our Gentle Elder of the Raids.


“If you don’t see an invitation on your calendar, does that mean that you aren’t considered good enough to raid?”

In order to have a viable progression raid, raid leaders need to recruit two regular tanks and two-three regular healers. And the right mix of ranged and melee DPS. They try to invite people that have been already going to the raid in order to maintain group cohesion.
We are too big now to post raids that invite every level 80. Also inviting every level 80 to every raid doesn’t work either.
If you would like to be in regular raid and don’t see it on your calendar, then talk to the raid coordinators (RCs).
Snuffy is the the RC for the ICC25. Glori and Avante are the RCs for the two ICC10 progression raids. Mainartin is the RC for the intermediate raid (ToC/VoA/Ulduar). And Prettydead is the RC for the JV Naxx raids. If you still don’t get the invite, then talk to Bob (Atleast, Bigcoww). Also check with your class lead. If you don’t know your class lead, talk to Kaels. If all that fails, then talk to Mama.
Remember that raid balance is very important. And that each class brings something to a raid. A raid with four DKs is not going to be as successful as a raid with two DKs, a rogue, and kitty druid. I will post a guild raiding class breakdown so you can check which classes we need and which we have a lot of. But I can tell you right now that we have lots of DKs, followed by hunters, while we have very few warriors, rogues, and mages. Mixed classes that can like priests, druids and paladins are always good. Just keep in mind a priest that can heal and DPS is more likely to be included in raids than a priest that is all damage all the time.
Most raiding guild require people to play certain specs, but we don’t. However, I can’t change the mechanics of the game.

“If I work late and can’t make the regular 9:00 p.m. (ingame) start time, can I still do progression raids?”

But you will have to take some initiative. Glori’s raid should have a later start time since this was started as a west coaster raid. For the ICC25 man, I would encourage you to team up with someone who has a gear score in the 4K range to take the first shift for you, and then talk to Snuffy. Get to know your guildies and work as a team.

A final note.
Anyone can organize and run a raid. If you would like to see more fun raids, perhaps on a weekend afternoon, then post it on the calendar. You will probably have to recruit people but that’s part of getting to know your guildies. If you don’t have quite enough people, you can always include a few pugs.
The morning coffee raid is on hold for now. Mama would like to bring it back soon.
Don’t be afraid to pug raids. There are many small guilds running ICC10 and ICC25 that always need people. This is the best way to gear up alts since we are trying to discourage progression raiding on multiple toons within the guild.

If anyone has additional questions or comments, please post them in the comments.

Thanks for coming this evening.

First: Please accept calendar invites sooner rather than leaving it to the last minute. If you are 80% sure you can make it, then accept. If you need to change later then do it, but let the raid leader know so he or she can make changes.

If you would like to go but are going to be late, then talk to the raid leader and then try to find someone to fill in for you until you can get there. I know that a 9 p.m. start time is really early for west coasters. But we also have lots of people with alts who are still gearing up. Get to know your guildies. We are all in this together. And if someone asks you to fill in for them if they are going to be late, please respect that agreement and swap with them when they do get there.

So right now, check your calendar. Do you have any outstanding calendar invites? Please accept them now if you can make it. If you can be there but will be late, then sign up as tentative until you find someone to sub for you, then change to accept and send the raid leader a note with this information. However, for the ICC25 man, just accept, decline, or mark tentative. If you can’t be there for the start, then mark tentative, and we will swap you in if there’s room later. (If you are Snuffy or Bob, then just accept and let Mama know and I’ll handle it. I’ll get you as soon as you arrive.)

Second: We are do three types of raiding in this guild, and they are different. The goals and rules of one type do not transfer to the other types. There is weekly/heritage/learning raids. There is farming/gearing raiding. And then there is progression raiding.

Type one is open to everyone.

Farming/gearing raiding is where newer people are included on a regular basis to get gear, learn fight, and get comfortable with new raids and raiding in general. This is a combination of well geared and experienced people along with some newer people. Glori’s Sunday night raid began as this kind of raid.

Progression raiding a relatively fixed group of people at a similar gear level, experience level, who commit to regularly attending the same raid week after week to make progress on content. The R raid is a strictly progression raid. Doing progression means watching videos and reading strats.

Talking to our PG-13 raid leaders, it appears that they both feel that their raids are ready to transition to progression raids. The ICC25 raid has finally downed Festergut and will be transitioning to a progression raid. This does not mean, however, that those who are not in these current groups will be left behind. Far from it, but we are all going to have to work together to make it work for everyone.

So, We are going to go with two ICC10 progression groups which Glori and Avante will organize, and Bob will help lead. After this week, both groups will start scheduling two nights. Priority for who goes which nights will be left up to Glori, Avante, and Bob. If you are interested in being on a PG-13 ICC progression team and are not currently in a regular group, talk to Glori or Avante. Also check with Bob. Glori’s group will be running later for those on the west coast or who work late. Avante’s group will run earlier for those on east coast. If you are currently on the ICC25 progression team, then you should be in one of these groups, too.

Third: If you are fresh to level 80, start running random heroics and sign up for Naxx on Thursday. If you have done Naxx a couple times or if you are not in an ICC10 progression group and would like to be soon, then sign up for the Monday night raid with Mainartin to do ToC/VoA/Ulduar. ToC and VoA are both one night raids with lots and lots of good gear. We will also try to get a weekend one night intermediate raid going. Also sign up for ICC10 rep runs. Depending on how attendance goes with these, we will look at restarting more ICC10s which will be farming/gearing raids in a few weeks. But this is going to depend on the attendance of these raids. We have some really awesome and committed folks that work really hard. We can all do this. Now for these raids, they are going to be the most profitable if they are run as 25s. And that means lots of people need to sign up. Right now I see 6 people on the list for tomorrow night. That’s not going to do it. We have 157 Level 80 characters in the guild and more coming every day. We can do this.

Fourth: ICC25 will be moving to two night soon. If you have been running this regularly and there is a night that you cannot make please let Mama, Atleast, and Snuffy know asap. This raid is a priority for the guild so if there is another regular raid scheduled for a night that works for the majority of the guild, then we may have to switch the other raid around. But I will do my best to make everything work for everyone.

Fifth: Please have Ventrilo working for raids. Learn how to set your volume and push to talk.

Sixth: Keep running daily randoms on your main raiding character. Talk to your class leader about gear. If you don’t know your class leader, ask Kaels, Atleast, Froster, or Mama, and we will point you in the right direction.

Seventh: Future of the R raid. The R raid is a progression raid. They are working on the Lich King. They are learning the longest, nastiest, most complicated fight the evil folks at Blizzard ever came up with. It’s like Mimiron meets Festergut. They do the safety dance and then have kids that are tens time worse than Freya. From what I understand they have pretty well mastered the mechanics of the first phase and are doing well on the second.It’s just a damn hard fight. But once they down Arthas, then heroic modes become available to the whole guild. This will help everyone. I didn’t really understand this until now. So we will see how it goes tomorrow night and adjust accordingly.

Now if you have a raid waiting, go ahead. If not and you have questions, then I will be here for a bit.

What a great day to be a hunter:

So there we are, Moodyloner, Störmy, and I, all ready to do our regular morning random. Falwell joined us. All we needed from the Dungeon Finder was a healer. It took all of 10 seconds and there we were in the Pit of Saron. We hit a few speed bumps but nothing too awful until we got to the cave. Last time we did this the cave crushed us. And it looked to do it again. We wiped and wiped and then Stormy had to go to work. And then the pug healer had to go to work. We got a new healer and wipe-fest turned into a win-fest. Moral of the story — it is not always the tank’s fault. Are you listening, Moody?

Another successful Wednesday Morning Coffee Raid. We had almost a full crew of Wreckies, and the only pug was both helpful and patient. We had a couple of people who were new to Ulduar and a couple people who are new Wreckies. I am really pleased with how successful these are. I do think, though, that I’m probably going to limit them in the future to just the Weekly Raid Quest. And then maybe we could start a little later, like 9:30, instead of 9 a.m.

Off to the garden.
Have a great day.

The Wreck List has gotten ginormous, as my kids would say. For the last week we have been bouncing around at about 190-195 accounts playing around 450 characters. I have had to start removing a few of the members who haven’t logged on in more than six months. I’m not going to remove anyone who has let me know that they want to stay in the guild, so please don’t worry.

In other news, Saturday in our first Wreck List Kids Raid. Our youngest members, ages 8-13+, are taking charge and doing Zul’Gurub, a classic heritage raid at 4 p.m.

Dec 6, St. Nicholas Day

We are officially in the Christmas spirit. St. Nicholas came last night, stuffing the shoes left by the door with small gifts and collecting the assorted lists, notes, and wishes from the kids. The countdown to Christmas has finally begun.

But it’s more than that. Yesterday, the boys burst into our bedroom at first light and ran to the window. “It’s snowing! It’s snowing!” they announced joyously. And so it was. The snow was light, but continued all through the day. By the time late afternoon rolled around, our county had been magically transformed into a proverbial Winter Wonderland.

Off we went to the boys’ winter recital, at the New Hope Lutheran Church near Spring Mills. The boys wore holiday sweaters, and the Christmas tunes on the car radio, combined with the snowy fields passing by, made us feel festive. At the church, we settled into our pew after the boys opened their cases in the back. A glance at the program confirmed they were slated early, fifth, and they sat quietly with their instruments in their laps, a bit nervous. When their time came, though, they walked right up to the front of the church. Their teacher, Mrs. Shannon Henry, tuned them with two piano notes, and they proceeded to play a trumpet/saxophone duet of “Jingle Bells,” gaining confidence as they went on. As they finished to applause, their parents were so proud of them.

After the last student performed, Mrs. Henry thanked everyone and announced, “Let’s eat!” A delicious feast, prepared and served church members, followed — roast beef, mashed potatoes, noodles, stuffing, vegetables in cheese sauce, all served family style and topped by cake and various kinds of pie. We all stuffed ourselves, sitting at long tables next to other families, the boys playing with the books and present bags Mrs. Henry gave her students, and we left with a warm glow. On the way back, we sang along to the radio, especially with Bruce Springsteen’s “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town,” driving by illuminated houses toward our own. Back home, we wrote our lists for Saint Nicholas’ Day, stuck them in our shoes and curled up together, with a bowl of popcorn, to watch “The Grinch,” laughing with our favorite parts — all in all, a fine official start to our Christmas.

These are two great gold making tricks. One probably only works if you don’t care about having every recipe and are a Leatherworker. The other one anyone can do.

There is a horde only quest reward for a very low level leatherworking quest in Thunder Bluff. I always take skinning and leatherworking for every Tauren I start just to get this quest. Then I usually drop leatherworking for herbalism or something else. The quest reward is the pattern for the Kodo Hide Bag. And the alliance will pay big gold for it. Stick the recipe in your bank and then next time your toon is in Booty Bag, put it up on the Neutral Auction house for 150 gold. It might take a time or two, but it will sell. I’ve actually sold this recipe for 10 times as much, so price accordingly.

The next tip takes virtually no work at all. There is a quest in Silverpine Forest which rewards the recipe for the Discolored Healing Potion. Anyone can do the quest, so the recipe turns up on the Auction House fairly frequently. And for mere silvers. Buy it for 5-15 silver and sell it on the Neutral Auction house for 15-25 gold. This one isn’t as rare. The most I’ve sold it for is 150 gold, but 25 gold is more common.

Our guild vault is all ready for the Hallow’s End holiday. I clicked through all the tabs to fine the most seasonal. It’s a combination of various pumpkins and skulls, with a little candy thrown in for fun.

Our guild Sustainability Harvest Festival Weekend was a huge success. To prepare I cleaned out all of the old recipes that had been sitting in there for months, along with any food that wasn’t Northrend quality. That gave us more than half a tab empty, plus the spaces in the other tabs. I like to keep each tab with at least the equivalent of one column empty, so I thought we had plenty of room. LOL. By the end of the weekend there wasn’t an empty space anywhere. Guildies were stuff stacks of cloth in with the herbs and stacks of herbs in with the gems. I finally got it all sorted away yesterday.

The old recipes ended up selling quite well on the Auction House. So well, in fact, that I have decided to leave our guild repairs on all the time. If funds start to get low, I can always declare another Harvest Weekend.

In the meantime, craft away you crafters. We always need runic healing potions, bags, belt buckles, and ammo.

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